Collection of WordPress CMS Websites

WordPress is web software that can be used to create a beautiful websites. With its flexibility and power, WordPress can be customized into a full feature CMS website. WordPress has tremendous capabilities as a publishing platform.

When it comes to a small business website WordPress is the tool of choice because it is easy to use, optimized fo search engines and devleoping costs are small. For example, a site built on ASP on a windows server will cost 5-10 TIMES as much as one on unix/apache running WordPress. Think about it.

Interesting Facts About WordPress

  • 1 in 10 websites on the Web runs on WordPress
  • Companies like Ford and Sony use it
  • Millions of people are using it
  • Best Open Source CMS 2009

WordPress is definitely the way to go. The support and plugins are great. And if you know how to tweak it and customize it you can have a highly optimized SEO site that Google will give lots of love.

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